Thursday, September 13, 2012

He needs money for weed

-and isn't the least bit shy about asking for it either.

I work late nights at my Times Square office, and take a break to go out and have a cigar at midnight.  There's still plenty of tourists and others around at that time.  As you'd expect, you see more than a few weird things in the square at midnight.  What you wouldn't expect is a blatant plea for drug money in full view of dozens of cops.  There's a police station in the square and this dude regularly goes past it with his sign in full view for the 1-3 dozen officers milling about at any given time.  Nobody bothers him as he gets money for getting his picture taken.

I guess it's only illegal to buy or sell weed, but not to panhandle or scam with a funny sign that claims that's what the money's for.  He wasn't smoking anything at the time.

I took this as somebody else (the fat man in pink) took his shot.  The guy spotted me and jingled the plastic change-cup he had dangling around his neck and called "Hey buddy."  without a smile or even the slighest attempt at charm or humor.  "No cash." I answered and walked away.  I've got my own dirty habits to support!