Sunday, December 18, 2011


Eartha finds out she's not the only one to have god.

Next time; the question.  (Hint: ok, it's only the title)
Hope you enjoyed it so far.  As always, your comments and edits are most welcome.

Thursday, December 8, 2011


(and just when she was finally cleaning up her act too)

[technical problem:  The last line got dropped from the above text box.  It should read "could you start in the Middle East?"]

I hope you enjoyed the first few pages.  As a writer always willing to edit it would help me to know which parts of these critical first pages 'grabbed you', which bored you or if any part dragged or disappointed.  Don't be too afraid or too polite to be honest people, thou shalt not lie.

Unfortunately technical issues have cropped up again and may delay the next installment.  I'll try to get it sorted out this weekend so I can post the next few pages on Monday. 
-NO PROMISES; after all I am not actually... (you know)

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

"Let there be walls!" and lo, there were walls.

Yes, I know it's a very dark picture.  I said 'let there be walls', not 'let there be light'.  I shoulda said both.
So now there's walls. 
Walls, walls everywhere's a wall.
Here, there and in the hall
unpainted still, but very tall
screwed in tight so they don't fall
can't you hear me y'all?
listen up and hear my calls
I'm up to my balls in walls

(and it feels good)

Not only have my drywall guys finished their job, but nobody's lost any body parts for over a week!
Now the baseboard heating can go in and be hooked up to the new furnace that's been waiting for days.
And then Lo!  There will be heat.  But there will be no post titled "Let there be heat".  Let's be honest; these posts aren't very funny, and this blog hasn't been much fun since Irene gave us a bath.  (Flood joke, still not funny)

So it's time to resurrect the funny.  I while ago I promised pages from a book I finished last summer, mostly so I could just throw those up here quickly and get back to wiring/tiling/plastering/painting.  I immediately ran into problems transferring the layout from its PDF format to Blogger.  I could get the prose in easily enough, but the color-coded text boxes (packed to their little lids with humor, I promise) would not translate.  I tried using my new Mac to take pictures of entire pages, which it did, but they would not digitally transfer over here.  Nothing's been easy lately, my friends.

With my main focus on making my house livable by Halloween Thanksgiving Christmas, I didn't spend a whole lot on time on the solution (selfish, I know.  No non-deity is perfect)  But recently my brother Robinhood, who is every bit as sharp a techie as a marksman, was able to load a *discounted* version of Photoshop onto my new Mac, and using that I can now convert the pages with their text boxes into jpegs which Blogger takes to like Jerry Sandusky takes to little b-, oh never mind.  Anyway...

Tomorrow: the first installment and (probably not too) eagerly awaited world premier of  (drumroll please...)
What if God is Cheating on Us?