Thursday, September 13, 2012

He needs money for weed

-and isn't the least bit shy about asking for it either.

I work late nights at my Times Square office, and take a break to go out and have a cigar at midnight.  There's still plenty of tourists and others around at that time.  As you'd expect, you see more than a few weird things in the square at midnight.  What you wouldn't expect is a blatant plea for drug money in full view of dozens of cops.  There's a police station in the square and this dude regularly goes past it with his sign in full view for the 1-3 dozen officers milling about at any given time.  Nobody bothers him as he gets money for getting his picture taken.

I guess it's only illegal to buy or sell weed, but not to panhandle or scam with a funny sign that claims that's what the money's for.  He wasn't smoking anything at the time.

I took this as somebody else (the fat man in pink) took his shot.  The guy spotted me and jingled the plastic change-cup he had dangling around his neck and called "Hey buddy."  without a smile or even the slighest attempt at charm or humor.  "No cash." I answered and walked away.  I've got my own dirty habits to support!


  1. Well, maybe "WEED" is an acronym.

    (No, I don't know for what.)

  2. I'm just a little scared that it's a GUY in the pink. *shutters*

  3. No smile, no attempt at charm or humour... well, what do you expect from someone who starts his begging with YO and ends it with WEED? But on to more important things... you smoke cigars?! And here I thought you were a perfect deity???

  4. Sully,
    then your comment is incomplete. You may resubmit tomorrow.

    I'd RATHER it be a guy.

    Nicky the picky,
    would you rather I smoked cities? I said I wouldn't do that anymore.

  5. Chill, Big Daddy. The reefer should be legal anyway. I got a photo with a guy who held up a sign that said "Need money for a hooker! Too ugly to get laid!" I thought he was hysterical.

    No, I don't smoke weed. But I don't understand legal cigarettes, cigars and liquor and weed being against the law. It's less harmful than the other substances.

  6. Linda my Linda,
    I agree it should be legalized, but right now it isn't. I think voluntary prostitution should be too, but that's not the point. It's the bad attitude on top of the blatantcy that turned me off. But the reason for the post was just to give a snapshot of Times Square at midnight. It's so cleaned-up from what it was before Guiliani was mayor, but it still has some seedy edges.

  7. Wonder if he would make more money if he dressed up as Speedy Gonzales. Yeeeeeee-ha!