Friday, October 21, 2011

First Blogiversary! (feel free to send cash)

It's been a year to the day that I published my first post here.  As it was my first and given the blog's name I thought I was oh so clever calling it In the Beginning and styling it as a satire of Genesis I.

Hardly anybody read it.

I soon became a lot less self-impressed.

I had been under the delusion that my obvious genius would stand head, shoulders (and maybe even nads) above the rest, be recognized quickly, and go viral faster than Lindsay Lohan lands in court. 

Other than the flu last winter, I have yet to go viral.  (sadly, Lindsay's court appearances have instead.  Hey, maybe if she was my blog... No, too many guys would be hanging around waiting to do my blog when it got drunk.  So that won't work.)  My goal was to build a huge following, a base from which to launch a humor book I'd recently finished called "What if God's Cheating on Us?" (If you think about it, it would explain a lot.  A lot.)

But I kept writing anyway, for the fun of it.  I'm glad I did.  I cyber-met a number of cool people and talented writers whom I encourage everyone to check out; they're in the 'gotta read' section on the sidebar.

Though I honestly appreciate them all, there are two that deserve special mention.  I looked back to the first comments I ever received, and it was Fred and Tessa bringing encouragement and positivity to this then fledgling effort.  Thank you guys, you're good people and a good couple and it showed from the start.  I want to thank everyone who took the time to write something back.  I appreciate it, all writers do.

Also encouraging was the trickle of foreign countries that began dropping in.  After the US, it was Taiwan and Norway oddly enough in that first week or so.  I started keeping track, and one year later (after Mongolia and Cambodia finally show up) the number has grown to 98 and counting.

I didn't have time to blog much in the last seven weeks and I won't again for at least for the next month or two.  Rebuilding and refurbishing our floodhouse demands attention now and writing and drawing takes time I just can't afford.  On the other hand I don't want to abandon this space or my core readership either.  (One should always try to strengthen one's core.  Richard Simmons said that, ergo you know it's true)

So I thought why not just drop the book in here, a few pages at a time.  Maybe it won't be terrible and maybe I'll get a few helpful comments and suggestions from you guys.  What do you think? (insert encouragement & positivity below)


  1. Um, the 'send cash' was a joke; there's no actual Contribute button here. Just enjoy and drop a comment if you like. Peace

  2. I'd love to read what you are doing. I think you are a great humor writer and you have a really strong "voice". In a short period of time, (relatively) you have gotten an impressive list of people who follow you. We have a lot of buddies in common. So by all means, I'd love to read whatever you are willing to share.

  3. Well congratulations.... I know what a commitment it is to do this for even a year... I'm almost there myself. Anyways here's to hoping your world and your blog are nothing but exceptional in the next year to come... Cheers!!!

  4. I, for one, would love to read some of what you've got compiled for a book. I came here on a recommendation from Knucklehead, another very funny writer, and I haven't been sorry. You're good, my friend. You bring the ha-ha with regularity.

  5. I am excited to read your book! More than that, I am glad you continued to write. Fred found me as well, so we have something in common! He and Tessa are as amazing as you. Keep up the great work and I'll be checking back regularly to see what you're sharing!

  6. Happy blogoversary! Now that you've said your first post was a satire, your first book, The Bible, makes a lot more sense to me. I would love to read your new book.

  7. Dear, dear NAGod, congratulations of a year of bloggy fun (that is an accomplishment that I have yet to achieve) and great reads! I will continue to "follow thee more nearly" day by day! Rock and write on!!

  8. Thank you one and all. I'll get that first installment in sometime this week.

  9. Congrats, mon dieu! Hope to keep reading you for years to come. And not because I'm a really slow reader so it will take me years to read even a few more posts. No! Because you keep writing for years, of course. ;-)

  10. Happy Blogiversary.
    I've just joined your "apostleship" - never too late, I figure.

  11. Congratulations on your first year!

    Yes, yes, I'd love to read excerpts from your book! Please post away!

    And much luck to you on the remodel/refurbish of the floodhouse. Having been in construction, I know there will be a lot of good blog fodder there - I think we'd all like to hear about that, too, if you find the time in between herding contractors. It's a lot like herding cats, but harder.

  12. I really think you have that book inside you. I know it. Just write it here. I always thought you had the best title for your blog. It's something that people type into Google. I know it. I hope you stick with your writing. If you take time off, your brain will keep writing. Just watch when you start up again.

  13. Toni,
    thanks, I will!

    it's never too late for the lost little lambs to join the flock (I'm gonna pay for that in the afterlife, I just know it)

    it depends on what you herd; I prefer pussy. cats. PUSSYCATS! I said 'pussycats'.

    Fredrik the first,
    I DO have a book inside me, but I'm worried about delivering it. Considering a C-section.

  14. As someone who has had the privilege of reading His Holiness's text (and laughed assorted body parts off in the process) I can't wait to see it made available to a wider audience.

  15. Oooh, goody! (Pulling up a stool) Got any choccie biscuits, whilst I wait?