Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Halloween Snow

The way home; BLOCKED

Going around the back way was only PARTIALLY blocked.

These are not the bottoms of huge fir trees, these are branches who
cracked under the weight of wet snow and collapsed outwards.
An inebriated all-powerful being stumbled by and squashed them
-but I can't prove that.

Now my Weeping Willow will NEVER stop crying!

And afterwards He just shines His rays down upon His handiwork;
"Yeah, I taketh away too, beotch."
 So flooding me out wasn't enough for YOU, huh?  YOU gotta drop wet snow all over my 'burb while there's still leaves on the trees to catch it and break under the weight?  Or maybe you though I'D break under the weight?  WRONG.  Whatever doesn't kill me makes me stron-
(what am I, crazy?)
Uh, let me stop right there for a timely disclaimer. 
And in closing, let me just say thank you for the snow, it's very pretty.


  1. Ah, that's the right attitude!

  2. Damn man! Have you considered threatening to relocate? Maybe the man upstairs will send the snow there just to prove a point. I do hope you're staying warm!

  3. Uh well, I hate to tell you this, but I can only see the first image!

    Maybe it's MY PC.

    Yeah, it probably is, however, having a tree block your path, probably not a good thing.

    Neither is MY PC.


  4. @Quirky, it's not just your computer.

    @IIWG, I thought of you when I saw this on the news. I'd hoped it might have passed you by. I'm sorry it didn't. Just a suggestion, but you might consider renaming your blog "I think God's doing a stupendous job and I wouldn't do a thing differently if I were Him, which I'm not because He is smarter, taller and much better looking than I am". Again, just thinking out loud here.

  5. Snow? On Halloween? This is still Summer time in the west. It's 67 and partly cloudy every day. Boring? I don't need any excitement, well not the weather kind anyway. Did the girl child get to do trick or treat? We had over 200 kids last night. But you know, it was nice weather and all.

  6. Hopefully no branches fell on what is left of your house!! We've had earthquake, hurricane, early snow, flooding, what's next locusts?

  7. Beware of the upcoming thaw, by which I mean, huge brush fire.

  8. IDK why, but I could see only the first image also. Enjoy the snow.

  9. "I taketh away, too, beotch."

    Remember, when the boils come up on your skin, you're supposed to scrape them with a shard of pottery. Makes you look badass.

  10. Sully,
    I hope so, it's the only one i've got!

    I'm holding up just fine, thanks for the good thoughts.

    yes, He does prove his points, but why must I be the pincushion?

    Nicky the quirky,
    I've considered it, believe me!

    yes, little Kayla did a little trick-0r-treating, and looked fab doing it!

    I'm not sure what's next, it's either frogs or walking dead...

    it wouldn't surprise me friend, it really wouldn't. But as a fireman at least that'd be something I could fight.

    it was gone almost as fast as it struck, but the damage remained

    Fred the awesome,
    must you always have the kewlest comment? Bogarter!