Thursday, April 5, 2012

Ah, Celebrity

This was too easy to be proud of,
but too fun to pass up.  (Some things are more for me than you.)


  1. I know all the teenage ninja turtles' names. Why is that? I think Angelina doesn't want to marry Brad because who would want to be called Angelina Pitt?

  2. Linda,
    you know them because mud immersion enhances the memory. The deeper you slide in, the longer you'll remember to never do it again. (readers: you'll have to drop by her blog to get that)

  3. And I thought the Turtles would go away in the 90's - it seems they are reborn every decade!

  4. What does it mean that I know all the Ninja Turtles' names, but not all the celebs' names?

  5. Laughing,
    I think it's lazy and inartful. Get a new idea already, plenty out there.

    it means you're a renaissance woman who knows her painters.

    I'm surprised nobody had anything to say about Kim&Kanye, or how they'll soon be called Kimye, or that I put this together maybe an hour before the story broke of his secret love for her.

    And how 'bout some well-wishes for Angie on nearly completing her collection?

  6. That was the SLINKY movie Madman can't wait for, wasn't it? I think the Shrinky movie has a better ring to it. What?? Well, if all these goofs can have their five mins of fame..

  7. FMK: Kim Kardashian, Sarah Palin, Angelina

    F Sarah, because I want to.
    Marry Kim, because her dad's my hero.
    Kill Angelina, because I can't even fantasize about her; she's too much.

  8. MadMind,
    that could be a while.

    -then why can't you have yours too? Marketing might have a problem with it. Everybody knows what a slinky is, but what's a shrinky?

    NOBODY HURTS ANGIE. Not while I'm not-god around here. She's my boo.

  9. Seriously the kid collecting needs to stop. Villages everywhere have to start locking away the kids when she's in town. It's got to make people worry don't you think?

  10. "I smell money."

    Yup. Like shootin' fish in a barrel (although I've often thought that if someone really did that, they'd end up with water, pieces of shattered wood, and dead fish, all over their floor.)

  11. Angie,
    fortunately she can't sneak up on anyone; just watch for the swirling cloud of press and paparazzi - it gives away her position

    you're right, they only say how easy it is. Nobody mentions the mess. And if the fish are already in a barrel why wouldn't you just use a net?