Wednesday, March 28, 2012

The big race as I see it


  1. Ya its a sad sad group for the republicans.... Maybe they should raise Dan Quayle from the dead to complete their roster... almost couldnt hurt?

  2. As much as I like Ron Paul (and that's a lot) I think this pretty much nails it.

  3. Steve,
    a zombie Quayle entrant would energize the ticket in a "Game Change" kind of way; he'd be living dead, she's brain dead. I could see it.

    I know, and I was wondering how you'd take the Paul caption because of it. But I see you're an honest man. Ever think of running? -You'd be unique!

  4. I like Ron Paul a lot. Seems that you really can't run on common sense. The other Republican candidates are pitiful. If the Supremes throw out the health care bill, then what will Rick be running on? It's really his big issue, isn't it?

    Where oh where is Sarah when you need her? Uh, never mind.

  5. Thanks for checking in on my blog, Man. Damn nice of you. I just finished a new cartoon. I'll try to get it up this Sunday. Still playing with the audio levels. Maybe I'm too picky.

    I don't think the prez is worried, either. Unemployment will be down to 7%. Can you believe DOWN to 7%? Any opponent should be able to mop the floor with him over that, but not these guys.

  6. Linda,
    Sarah's the smartest one, she's out earning some cash right now.

    Yer welcome friend. I'll look for it.
    I don't think the prez needs to worry. All the 'hopefuls' are pretty hopeless; unexciting and rife with flaws.