Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Did Sleeping Beauty sleep on duty?

It's never good to sleep on duty; but it's better than sleeping on doodie.
Too bad he was in the steam shovel.  If it was an earth-mover then he'd be a bull-dozer.  Get it?
 To be able to sleep on the edge of a fully lit Times Square has got to be some kind of accomplishment.
What kind, I don't know.  But a word to the wise.  If you don't want your picture taken while you catch some Z's (and possibly posted for the internet's enjoyment), don't snooze in an elevated glass enclosure on the edge of Times freakin' Square.

Maybe he's some kind of blue-collar narcoleptic exhibitionist?  Anybody got any better guesses?


  1. Unless I'm sleeping "really really cute" I don't want a photo taken or posted anywhere. Dogs, cats, and babies sleep really really cute. Most adults don't.

  2. I would hazard a guess, but I can't see the picture...

  3. I can't see the pics either. If I Were God has forsaken me!