Tuesday, January 17, 2012

The Giants have risen

...to the occasion.

This is not a sports blog, but these rampaging monsters can no longer be ignored.
-either on earth, or above-
They go from city to city devouring all in their path, leaving only destruction and shattered hopes in their wake. 
Word is, these hungry Giants are heading for San Francisco and will storm into town on Sunday.


It won't be pretty.  Expect to see red bodies splattered all over the ground.  It will not be for the squeamish.


They're merciless!
they're monstrous!
damn near murderous!
and they have my blessing.



  1. I would love nothing more than to see The Jints reach the Super Bowl, provided my Pats also do. We owe you a beating.

  2. Since my Jets have been unceremoniously dispatched to the golf course, I'm pulling for my backup team . . . the Giants, of course.

    Gotta stand by the New Yorkers.

  3. Oh Sully,
    not all debts get repaid. Brady & Bellichick's best chance was left dead on the field four years ago

    You picked the Jets over the Giants? Maybe in debate club...

  4. Happened when I was a kid. Joe Namath was pretty persuasive.