Wednesday, January 4, 2012


Eartha leans that apparently 'He is everywhere' can also mean 'He gets around'.

Sorry it took so long for this.  I will try to be more regular with these.  I'm still devoting every waking moment  to reconstruction.  The light switches are now in for the kitchen, outside light and inside lamp.  No more flashlights to get certain places in the house anymore.  The tiling which was creeping along can get pretty regular now and just yesterday we bought a brand new tile saw.  It's got a sliding tray with an extension and miter slots.  The blade is on an overhead swivel arm which also allows angle cuts.  Things are just rollin' along now!


  1. I'm not one to complain about free lit! :) Looking forward to the next installment, and you're so right... there isn't much else to explain it!

  2. The 49ers are my team, but the Giants looked pretty good on Sunday. He's off doing something else for sure. Maybe gearing up the place for the end of the world thing. You know, party central! Lights, red carpets, buxom angels to rehearse those dance steps.

    I'm glad your work is coming along. Long hard trip, dude!

  3. I'm not going to edit or comment on this post because of that crack about Dallas never winning another Superbowl. And you wonder why I have so much trouble believing in you.

    Oh, fine. I can't help myself. I like this excerpt, with the exception of the Dallas comment. BUT!

    Pg. 1, first sentence: comma after 'witness'

    Pg. 1, 3rd paragraph: remove comma after "here"

    Pg. 2, last paragraph: not an abandoner (small n for not), also hands-on takes a hypen

    Pg. 3, 3rd paragraph: croc should be crock

    Pg. 3, 4th paragraph: put a space between the hypen and the word "you"

    Pg. 3, Jewish proverb box: His should be capitalized

    Pg. 4: All cracks about the Dallas Cowboys should be removed

  4. This is really great writing, and that's coming from a person who likes to consider himself a rather devout Christian.

    (If I should become famous before you get this published as a book - a longshot that, should it occur, might actually be strong enough proof, for even the most denying of atheists, concerning God's existence - feel free to use the above as a blurb on your book jacket.)

  5. Ange,
    at first it was a nagging suspicion, but what else could it be?

    a good party does take time to plan, so maybe that's part of it

    Nicky the quicky,
    I appreciate the sharp eye, but I don't know if all the cracks in Dallas can be fixed; maybe by a new coach?

    Thanks for the support. Every english teacher I've ever had has told me I'm a good writer, but I didn't know if my twisted humor would translate well.

  6. YOu are feeling guilty for re-creating your house because the first was not good enough. You are projecting that onto God. It's okay. We will take you back.

  7. Yes, you may call me "Sigmund Fred."