Friday, February 22, 2013

I HAD to

I'm not going to publish the first post I wrote for today's Compulsion prompt.  It was ominously called 'Slave, know your master' and ran on at length about how we're really just running our individual base programming which exposes itself through our compulsions.

I opened with a poem describing some, put up the poster for Nicholson's AS GOOD AS IT GETS, and used likes like "10 GOTO 10" is a famously useless loop, and ended it as a proof as to why diabetics eat themselves to death one amputation at a time.

I wrote furiously until I got it all out; because I had to -writing compulsion.

The prompt led me to a thought that I had to follow to the end; because I had to -thinking compulsion.

As I was writing I realized how dark and disturbing it was, but I have a thing about writing the truth as I know it.  So I pulled no punches and put it all down on virtual paper; because I had to -testifying compulsion.

When those three get together they go off on a mental bender like a bunch of too drunk, too loud, and too sure of themselves frat boys out for a night on the town.

And I woke up intending to post it... but can't.  It just wasn't funny, not even a little.  IIWG is a humor blog and that one doesn't fit.  And my compulsion about that has seniority.  Like an obese cigar-smoking head teamster at a contentious union meeting, it stood up and sent the other three packing.  Writer, Thinker, and Testifyer had to go shuffling off into the night shaking their heads in disbelief and mumbling about how hard they'd been working and how unfair it all was.

Know how bad it is?  It was originally Writer, Thinker, and Honesty.  But 'honesty' doesn't end in 'er' like the first two, and my list have to match -HAVE TO-, so I had to send it packing.

So if you read because you have to, here's a link to some posts written by people who have to, organized by other people who organize challenges because they have to.

Free will my ass.


  1. That last line says it all. About compulsions. And about this bloody 28-day challenge.

  2. I'm with Dufus on this one... the last line says it all. We can thank Nicky and Mike for supporting this compulsion. They're such enablers!

  3. Heh, I'm loving how you kicked Honesty to the curb. Even ruled by your compulsions, you are very funny, indeed.

  4. Finally! Free will your ass, INDEED!! See, it's not my fault. I HAD to because it's a compulsion! God said so - on the Internet, no less, and if it's on the Internet then it HAS to be true! Stop blaming me, people.

    Jeez, man, you couldn't post this on Day 3? :-)

  5. I have re-written more than one post for this challenge, so you not alone in that regard. I've even posted a couple that were darker than my usual fare. It seemed time to stretch the literary muscles.

  6. The photo at the top is top of the line awesome.