Thursday, June 2, 2011

Is your guardian angel screwing you?

Sometimes it takes an accident to give one a new perspective on the world in which you used to live.
If civil service jobs in heaven are handled in any way like they're handled down here, then YES.

This is not to say that civil servants flat out don't care.  I think most must to some degree. (or nothing would ever get done) I'm saying their patience is limited and they're only willing to go so far.  It's unwise to expect too much.  The DMV is not the first class section on an airliner.  To wit, your guardian angel is not your flight attendant.

Anyone who expects him to be is in for a rough landing.  These false (and later crushed) expectations play out in many areas of life.  Dangerous recreational activities is one of the more obvious ones.

Let's say you're skiing on the advanced slope when you really should still be on the bunny.  And you break your fool leg.  Does that mean your guardian angel slipped up?  Probably not.  You could have been impaled on the pointy branch a few yards further downhill.  So maybe he let you off easy with just a broken leg.

Coulda been worse.  You're welcome.
Couldn't he have just given you a scare instead, like a frothy tumble but no broken bones?  Yes, but you'd forget that within the hour.  You've already forgotten you shouldn't be on the advanced slope in the first place.  And you still think you should have gotten off with a warning?  Does he really owe you that?  Remember that little sickly fear tickle in your stomach you ignored when you were at the top?  That was him!  You knew then you didn't belong on that hill.  But nooooo, you had to jump in feet first (then head first, then feet again...)

So maybe it's not that your guardian angel is screwing you.  He's just not babying you. 
You're screwing you.  The summer's here (at least in the northern hemisphere) and there's plenty of ways to get yourself hurt or worse; jet skiing, parasailing, snorkeling, water skiing...  Yes, they're all fun, but they're all "at your own risk" too -just remember the key words: YOUR RISK
(it means the same in heaven and on earth -you're on your own dude.)

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He sees all; disappoint Him not.


  1. Here! Here!

    I'm anti-coddler kinda gal myself.

    Glad to know the angels agree with me.


  2. Few things annoy me more than people who put themselves in really bad positions and then want the Coast Guard, the paramedics, the firefighters and the police to "rescue" them. They actually want people to risk their own lives because they did something stupid. What's more, it usually happens. You see the warnings "Don't climb on cliffs", and the people up there with their gear. You see the sign "Dangerous Undertow" and see people who don't swim frolicking in the water. Stupidity is not a sin, but perhaps it should be.

  3. The ones taking the risks are the same ones filling god's in-box with "Please god, don't let me die" requests! Guardian angels need vacations too, ya know!

  4. God tickles you with a feather and if you don't listen, He hits you with a brick.

    My guardian angel has saved my sorry ass so many times over my lifetime, I can't even begin to count.

    Even when I broke my fool neck -- praise be, I recovered and was able to walk again and even ride my beloved horses.

    Damn good post, my friend.

  5. If I Were God...June 3, 2011 at 9:04 AM

    tough love is real love (it's also easier and very satisfying in most cases)

    are we STILL talking about the SF suicide?

    I think we must provide much amusement for them

    feather/brick -comment of the month

  6. Wonderful points. A bit off topic here, but I have that same feeling about the drug-addled whores on the news crying "Oh, why did they kidnap my poor baby?"

    Well, they kidnapped your poor baby because you left her in the car with the motor running while you went inside to buy crack.

    Poor baby, indeed.

  7. Actually, the SF suicide is different. That was a person who decided what he wanted to do. He did it. It was a shame, but not the same as climbing on cliffs that have signs saying "Extreme danger! Do not climb on these cliffs!" Those people then need rescuing. I don't think the suicidal man wanted to be rescued. And of course he wasn't.

  8. As it would have it and I'm not sure I really deserve it...but...My Guardian Angel has been berry-berry good to me!

    I am however on #7 or #8 of my Nine lives so's I better be better to my G.A.

    Aloha FSSF!
    btw- 1st timer here I think. Very nice...I subscribed via google reader.

  9. If I Were God...June 7, 2011 at 9:29 PM

    I think you might have an eye-grabbing title for your next post "Drug addled whores"

    valid distinction, bur it could just as easily be argued that a person in need is still a person in need, even if it's their own fault

    welcome aboard the crazy train! If you're already on 7 or 8 it means you've truely lived. I'm on at least #4 myself, but as I've recently joined my local volunteer fire dept I might be going through a few more before I really know what I'm doing.