Thursday, July 5, 2012

A Night Stalker Again


This is not my job, though I do like the hat.
 It's been four years since I was a creature of the night, and in two weeks I'll return to that life.  No, I'm not going vampire.  My working hours are changing, going back to 9 to 5.  PM to AM -as in through midnight and into the next morning.

With my wife at her normal-houred job and child at daycare my 'home alone' time will triple.  This does not mean I'll be playing video games and net surfing.  I'll be able to put more time into setting my house right, like a good boy. :o)

So how did this come about?

My firm's an international outfit with offices in nearly every time zone.  Any one of them can need my research specialty at any time, so there I'll be.  All alone.  Working diligently.  Unsupervised.  Not writing or drawing any cartoons or graphic novel ideas I've been mulling forever.

So don't look for any of that here.  But if one (or 50) happen to pop up now and then, rest assured they were done on my free time.  Possibly in my sleep.

Frankly, I can't wait.


  1. I understand. I do all of my blog-writing between 2:08 and 2:13 am, while I'm up to take whiz. I'm a very fast typist.

  2. Ha!

    Yay another potential partner for Words With Friends!

    heh heh heh

    Good luck with the schedule change. I'm usually up during those hours, not voluntarily.

    Dang insomnia!

  3. Damn. I was kind of hoping you were going vampire on us. Bummer.

  4. Those are killer hours. When will you sleep? I like vampires so like Nicky, I'm a little disappointed.

  5. Sully,
    5 minutes to type 500 words? I believe you not!

    what's 'Words with Friends'?

    Nicky the picky,
    careful what you wish for

    vampires are like mobsters; deadly, stealthy, and supremely secretive. "What mafia? There's no such thing as the mafia!"

  6. "graphic novel" Fifty Shades of if I Were God?! :) :) :) I'll buy! ha ha ha !

    I can't imagine working nights - you have to sleep SOMETIME... don't overdo it!! I really respect what you are doing... what life changing hours!

  7. Funny, I just switched from 4-midnight to 9-5. I have the option to do overnights too but I gladly give those to my colleagues who prefer them.

    I kind of like the time shift. Shakes things up a bit.