Wednesday, August 29, 2012

A year from the flood but, no longer a mud hut

Isn't my rebuilt home beautiful?  Ok, I'm not actually at this stage of reconstruction yet...
but you can see I've got plans!  There's also going to be a helipad and a bunnycave 'round the back.

So it's been a year to the day that mother nature saw fit to send her bitchy daughter Irene to drown my home  -for no good reason whatsoever.  I did used to date her, but frankly speaking; bitch be crazy.  So I was very careful when we parted ways, and it was so long ago that I thought I was safe.  Some dishes are said to be best served cold.  And believe me, it was.

I guess it goes to show you, you've not only got to be careful how you break up, but also who you break up with!  Now I feel like I should've done it with a shovel and tarp rather than flowers and a break-up dinner at the Olive Garden.  (No, not the crappy restaurant.  The very first olive grove, in Galilee.  duh)

But when life hands me lemons, I make a lemon orchard, and then I make a drought at neighboring orchards so as to drive up the price of my produce.  (Who settles for making lemonade?  Really?  What are you, a mortal?)  Well, each to his ability.

In any event, as you can tell from the un-retouched photo above I've really done wonders with the place.  Or will, when I'm completely done.  (I fantasize in 14-meg HD full color images.  Don't you?)  And why not?  Even gods get to dream.  Especially wanna-be's. <sigh>


  1. I especially like how you added the mountain range in the backyard. Nice touch. Probably helps to keep the neighbor's dogs out.

  2. LOL@ What are you, a mortal?

  3. Sully,
    and that's more important than you know, I HATE my neighbor's dog! He's almost as big a jerk as my neighbor.

    nice to know somebody shares my twisted sense of humor. Now get thee to a therapist, woman! (Mine's excellent)

  4. How in he holy hell is your wife supposed to keep that joint clean. And, I hate to say it, but "what" are you over compensating for with the size? I'm just saying.

  5. I think I went to your place in Vegas... a very enjoyable visit, you're a gracious Host. Your Blog is hilarious and I needed a good laugh today.

    Dawn... The Arizona Desert Bohemian