Tuesday, August 2, 2011

and the good Load said "Let there be pic!", and there was pic.

This is of course to remedy the recalcitrant pic of my brother's Robin Hood arrow shot, which refused to show itself to any but me -a fine trait for a wife, but an insufferable one for a jpeg.
It's a little embarrassing, I mean, for a wanna-be deity who claims to deserve ultimate power to fail at the mundane task of posting a simple picture...
It's enough to cause the faithful to have doubts.

So please (actual) God, let it work this time!  You're not teaching me a lesson here, are you Good Lord?  I've tried my best to avoid blasphemy -in my very first post I called myself 'the good Load'  See?  Funny and self depreciating, not presumptuous or disrespectful.  So, ah, can I get break here?  Can you let it work? If it doesn't, I may lose the few followers I have <sniff>
Oh, how they howled with protest!  I'm sure I heard a little old fashioned wailing and gnashing of teeth in the background too.  Don't I deserve a little 'learning curve' leeway now and then?

Really people, is it any worse a mistake than say, trying to make seals and coming up with the platypus first -is it?  Or first having coitus end with a sneeze, and watching His creatures become less and less fruitful, until He hit upon giving orgasms to His organisms.  (I'll bet calling it something as decidedly unsexy as 'coitus' didn't help either.)

Anyway, after properly saving it to my hard drive and then uploading (rather than the faster copy/paste) it should be there for all to see -LIKE LIGHT ITSELF.  If you can't see it, it's probably from lack of faith!
This is a real-life picture of an arrow stuck in the back of another arrow, -whether you can see it or not!  Damn it.

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He sees all; disappoint Him not.


  1. I can see, I can see!! Oh, Load, it's a miracle, I can see!!

    Very cool. I guess you try really hard not to piss off that brother-in-law, right?

  2. Oh man, let there be sight! And then all at once, I can see! I see it! That is amazing! I'm awe struck! Actually, I knew it was probably a cool picture and I was a little irked at not being able to see it. This is amazing. Is he an Indian? (I mean the "casino" type Indian, rather than the "convenience store" type.)

  3. Loady, loady! That's quite a shot! Where does your bro-in-law live?

    Note to self, do NOT move to God's bro-in-law's territory.

    And just who is this brother? It's not....

    Satan-atan-atan-atan-atan-atan? (in my best Church Lady voice).


  4. Nicky,
    I see you really like the Magdalene I dubbed you; funny.
    He's very laid back, it may be the beer.

    I was more than irked at how many times copy/pasting crapped out on me. Very humbling to find how limited my powers actually are!
    He's Guatamalan, but goes to both casino's and convenience stores -often on the same trip.

    No, not Satan. More like Little John (and no, not the rapping Lil Jon)

  5. Wailing and gnashing is good for followers once in a while. When I was a boy, all we had to eat was gnashed teeth. And tap water.

  6. OK, now that I can see it, that is truly awesome!