Wednesday, December 1, 2010

AIDS: a test of straight souls, Not a punishment for gay ones

AIDS in the world doesn't mean He hates gays
if you thought that then it might be time to reappraise
feline leukemia doesn't mean He hates cats
any more than making bats blind means He hates bats
babies can die of cancer, low birth weight, or SIDS
do you hear all that and think that He hates kids?
so if you believe you figured out His divine plan
then you're a nominee for world's dumbest man
don't double guess the shepherd on how He tends his sheep
when and why He calls them back is a secret He will keep
maybe He's redoing heaven but doesn't have time to shop
so He needs some good designers to really make it pop
maybe it's a test to see who's kind or cruel
who'll be a Mother Theresa, and who will act the fool
if you really knew it all then you'd be sitting in His spot
but of course then you'd be Him, when clearly you are not


  1. Have you been on again? It's a real website here in Topeka. I'll have to send you a poem I wrote for that bastard.

  2. Very nice. Especially the "hates kids" analogy.

  3. Clever poem, bro...I like the last two stanzas in particular.