Wednesday, December 22, 2010

To the 56 countries that visited so far: MERRY CHRISTMAS!

(Update: 61 now; welcome Sri Lanka, Isle of Man, Estonia, Romania, Netherlands Antilles)
What a short strange trip it's been -so far.  This blog turned 2 months old last Thursday, still young even by internet standards.  I expected to have American readers, of course, and I don't know -maybe a few from Canada or England?  I was shocked to see the first two countries beyond the US were Taiwan and Norway.  It began an unfolding of the world map in ways I never expected, and certainly not in the mere weeks since it began.  And "If I were God..." began from nothing (not unlike the world itself)  Although the beginning is another story. 

It's a testament to the global reach of the net itself of course, and man's unquenchable thirst for truth, knowledge and free entertainment.  Since readership keeps growing I will take that to mean I'm succeeding in amusing you with my satiric ramblings, with a little food for thought sprinkled in here and there.  The SquirrelDog/new creatures and Tips for Life posts were your overwhelming favorites, and I'm glad you liked them.  They were so much fun to put together.  It's been my pleasure from the start and I plan to keep bringin' it, and I hope you'll continue to keep coming back.  So to everyone from Taiwan to Panama and the 50+ nations in between, thank you and MERRY CHRISTMAS!

If I Were God's list of nations,
in the order they arrived
  1  US
  2  Taiwan
  3  Norway
  4  Canada
  5  United Arab Emerites
  6  Germany
  7  Australia
  8  United Kingdom
  9  Russia
10  Thailand
11  Philippines
12  Singapore
13  France
14  Saudi Arabia
15  Iceland
16  Hong Kong
17  Croatia
18  Pakistan
19  Denmark
20  Spain
21  Guernsey
22  Mexico
23  Egypt
24  Indonesia
25  Netherlands
26  Ireland
27  India
28  New Zealand
29  Malaysia
30  South Africa
31  Finland
32  Greece
33  Jamaica
34  Belgium
35  South Korea
36  Belarus
37  Kenya
38  Malta
39  Kuwait
40  Brazil
41  Japan
42  China
43  Latvia
44  Oman
45  Argentina
46  Bosnia and Herzegovina
47  Portugal
48  Turkey
49  Lithuania
50  Israel
51  Sweden
52  Slovenia
53  Bulgaria
54  Costa Rica
55  Jordan
56  Panama
57  Sri Lanka -added 12/23
58  Isle of Man -added 12/23
59  Estonia -added 12/24
60  Romania -added 12/24
61  Netherlands Antilles -added 12/24


  1. You're a very clever writer, Cesar! Reading your rantings makes me smile :)

  2. Thanks Jen! So you're one of my Australians? That makes ME smile. How'd your photo show go?

  3. Wow 56 countries in 2 months?! Well I think the title of your blog helps you with that!

    I don't know how many countries have viewed me since I started but definitely not 56!

  4. The blogosphere is a funny little world in which art mirrors life- we can only control so much. It also helps that God likes me better than you. HA!

  5. I'm just kidding, Adorkable. Great pic on your blog. If you go to you can get a free and easy2use plugin that'll drop your link for you when you comment elsewhere, like here. Merry Christmas, Morgan.

  6. I think you've chosen a very search engine-friendly name for your blog. It sounds like what many people probably type into the the search box. Nice job!

  7. Reaaaalllllllyyy...
    Couldn't possibly be good material, eh? This is what I say; A PLAGUE ON BOTH YOUR HOUSES!! I will smote thee with furious anger -or whatever I have handy. I'm sure I have some extra lightning bolts or pillars of flame under all this leftover wrapping paper. -THEN YOU'LL SEE!

  8. What? No Vatican City?

    Then I'll be impressed.

  9. You're on my W.O.W. button this week through Sunday.

  10. Thanks man -but I wish I had known I was WOW-eligible. I would have saved it for something better. I've got something very ambitious planned for the blog-off.