Thursday, December 9, 2010

Christmas War breaks out in NYC

Atheist Assault !
The American Atheist Assoc, famous for taking ill-advised and unnecessary chances with their eternal souls, have thrown oil on the fire (of their own damnation) with a huge billboard (above) taunting inbound commuters as they approach the Lincoln Tunnel.  Their message proclaims the Nativity story, and by logical extension God himself, to be a myth.  They placed the  billboard on the way into the city to not only give it massive exposure but also perhaps hoping Manhattan itself on the the other side would strengthen their claim.  It would not be the first time the exorbitant prices and ungodly traffic in midtown have caused men to doubt His existence.  $12/beer is indeed a faith-shaking proposition.

Christian Counterattack
Not about to let Christmas be crucified on a four masted 80'x20' ad-cross, a christian group put up their own billboard at the Manhattan end of the Lincoln Tunnel facing those leaving, perhaps in the hope that their message combined with the good experience of departing NYC and entering the 'Garden (of Eden?) State' of New Jersey, with its more reasonable $4 beer, would help some restore their faith.  Clearly they are unfamiliar with downtown Patterson.

It is a stalemate the courts cannot adjudicate.  This 'tussel at the tunnel' is a hearts & minds type struggle that cannot be resolved before any (earthly) judge.  All truth in advertising laws require solid proof that an advertised contention is false before legal action can be justified.  Since neither the faith-based billboard nor the faithless-based billboard meets this standard, the government cannot stand and take action but instead remains seated where it is most comfortable; on its hands.

One cannot help but think a timely public smiting of the 'myth' sponsors would settle the issue nicely.


  1. What I'm noticing most about the "myth" board is that it states clearly at the bottom, "Reasonable since 1963."

    Are we to conclude that before this time they were irrational jerks? Perhaps.

    A well-placed lightning bolt through that board would also make a pretty clear statement.

  2. They're both right. Mythology can be real, and reality can achieve the status of myth. They aren't exclusive like squares and circles. The Tunnel has become a moment in space/time in which two groups are so wrapped up in opposite beliefs that they are exactly the same.

  3. This was in New York? If the Atheists put up a board in Oklahoma the other side wouldn't need to put up a board. The people would be the other board.

  4. Times sure are changing...I remember the good 'ol days when billboards actually sold something TANGIBLE. I suppose we should expect the ADA to post up a billboard for the tooth fairy next...