Monday, November 15, 2010

Thou Shalt Not Be Scum

There's a lot of awful things one should never do in this life.  At the top of that list, right after genocide, is pedophilia.  Phychologists might argue that it's a symptom of a mental disorder (but nothing half a million volts in a specially designed chair couldn't cure) and not the conscious choice of the perpetrator.

What clearly is a choice is writing and self-publishing a how-to book for pedophiles.  Now the subject of death threats, police investigation (and protection) is author Phillip Ray Greaves for his 'seminal' work  “The Pedophile’s Guide To Love And Pleasure”, available until like yesterday on Amazon.  I cannot imagine what would posses anybody with the brain power to author a book to use that skill to help pedophiles to not get caught.  Perhaps he just finished reading a how-to book himself, "How to write a book so vile the mere subject matter would make people want to kill you". (Also available on Amazon)

As you may know from earlier posts I am a big fan of a smiting God.  He hasn't done it in a while, at least not in the big splashy way He used to, but I'd like to lobby for a special come-back of it, like the McRib.  We just need to see one every once in a while.

Since there is currently no commandment like "Thou Shalt not molest children", and certainly no "Thou Shalt not aid and abet the molesting of children"  I'd like to propose a catch-all commandment for all such crimes and how-to manuals.  Thou Shalt Not Be Scum.

The good news is that this Phillip Ray Greaves is ruined for life now.  Even if the DA cannot find a way to charge him with something, the stink of this will follow him forever.  By which I mean this life and the next.  Nobody will want to know him, date him, sleep with him... even in hell he'll probably need his own private pit of boiling lava when none of the other inmates will bunk with him.  Misery loves company, but he'll burn alone.


  1. I always liked Jesus' "millstone around the neck and cast into the sea" thing for pedophiles.

    I like your catch-all commandment. It really is that simple. But we're all a bunch of little lawyers and we need specifics. I'm going to switch to your commandment.

  2. I was going to make it "Thou shalt not be a douche" but that really only covers misdemeanors, and for some seems to be a lifestyle choice. This ped-author is far beyond that. Calling him a douche is like jailing Al Capone for tax evasion.

    Thanks for dropping by.

  3. When I peripherally heard about this book as "a how-to for pedophiles," my first thought was that it was some crime fiction that in a round-about way might help some sicko get away with being, as you say, scum. But now you're telling me it's ACTUALLY a how-to on being a pedophile?


    Was it serious, or just a really, really misguided attempt at being funny?

  4. I didn't read it Chris, but if the police got involved already, and nobody's reporting that it's a joke or misunderstanding then it must be a serious guide about how to do it without getting caught.

  5. It was real, unfortunately. I heard it described as ways to satisfy your "love of children" without breaking the law. WTF! Oh, oh, I know, don't put your dick on them!

    I like the whole buy a McRib, witness a smiting idea.

  6. This new commandment is working out great. I highly recommend it.

  7. I find it totally disgraceful that Amazon would even give this dirtbag the avenue in which to sell his garbage. I can only imagine the horrors this clown will face once his fellow inmates find out how he got there. Good riddance!