Saturday, January 22, 2011

Saturday Super Smitin' Smackdown

It has come to My attention (as if anything escapes it) that the former Governator of California has chosen the commute the sentence of Esteban Nunez, a teen attempted murderer whose father was a key political ally of the governator's.  Though deserving a good smack, this post is not about Arnold, (who left the statehouse with a dismal 20% approval rating as is likely done in politics). 

A little history; This attempted murderer became such after he and some friends were refused entrance to a party and they decided to retaliate by stabbing multiple victims, one of whom died.  Though deserving more than a good smack, this post is not about Estaban the stabber (who will spend years in prison and have the dark shadow of this episode follow him and hang over him the rest of his life). 

Let us continue; A guilty verdict at trial being a virtual certainty, Esteban agreed to a plea bargain for a 16 year sentence for manslaughter; a plea which was more than halved down to 7 by his father's close political ally Arnold on his last day in office, and which is being fought by the murder victim's family.  Again, this post is not about any of them.

The attempted murderer's defense attorney, Brad Patton, said to the press that the victim's family "wouldn't be satisfied with anything other than an unjust sentence, which was imposed on Esteban Nunez."  This post is about him.
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Brad Patton, and by extension all criminal defense lawyers, are professional accessories after the fact.  Their business is not based on securing justice for their clients, it's in helping them in the evasion of justice.  The punk Nunez and his fellow punks stabbed several people over a party dispute.  The person Nunez actually stabbed himself did not die, one of the victims his friend stabbed died. 

The key fact here is they were all trying to kill.  The act is the same.  They stabbed to the chest and hoped for the best.  Whether their blade found the heart or artery or caused other fatal damage is a matter of angle, depth, physics, biology... ie luck.  Nunez's lawyer contends that because his client failed in his attempt to kill, his sentence is unjust and should be reduced.  Patton would have doubtless been more happy if he could have gotten this killer off completely; the ultimate score in the evasion of justice business.

The role Patton is playing seems no different in its goal than if he were driving a getaway car for the stabbers instead; trying to avoid paying for the crime.  Only the method is different.  At least the getaway driver is an 'honest' participant at the crime scene, putting himself at risk by throwing in with the murderers then and there. For any who may doubt my assessment of Patton's chosen role in life I offer you the copy from his ad:

Contact Brad Patton today at 800-EVIL-ASST, if you or a loved one needs professional and experienced legal representation for any of the following:
  • Sex Crimes
  • Domestic Violence
  • Alcohol/ Drug Related Crimes
  • Violent Crimes
  • Theft Crimes
  • DUI & Other Driving Related Offenses
  • Murder/ Homicide
  • Misdemeanor Probation Violations
  • Felony Probation Violations
  • Megan’s Law
  • Minor in Possession (MIP)
  • Juvenile Delinquency
  • Arrests & Warrants
  • Criminal Record Expungement
  • Criminal Law Certification
The only thing altered from his actual ad copy (shown above in doodie-brown) is his phone number.  I am not posting today to either get this worm more business or to aid any criminal scum that might need his services.  Notice his favorite people to help listed at the top?  Sex crimes and domestic violence.  For his passion to be a professional accessory after the fact, Patton and his ilk are the target of this week's Smackdown.


  1. Boy, if you were God, you sure do know how to find those who aide and abed those criminals.

  2. Now, god, are you saying that people do not deserve legal representation if they are accused of a crime, and it would just make more sense to imprison and punish them without a trial? If we all had your all seeing and all knowing thing going on, this would make perfect sense. But, since we don't, I'm not sure it does. The American system of justice is pretty imperfect, but it may be a lot better than in other countries.

  3. Naw, Linda. I think he's just totalling up what this one guy is doing and paddling him. If criminal defense attorneys are out to help people evade justice, then there is one good thing that comes out of that: tougher sentencing guidelines.

    Incidentally, I just heard that Vince Neil (from Motley Crue) just got another DUI and house arrest or something. Sounds like ole Vince hired Patton or somebody just like him. Didn't Vince kill someobody a few years back when he was DUI?

  4. Linda, this post did not target the US legal system. It was aimed at the attorney who belittled the grieving parents of his client's victim. One could argue that this is part of his job.

    So I ask, what kind of a person chooses this job? There's a number of dirty jobs in any society that must be done. But nobody goes to college, then law school, then graduates and selects to clean toilets. Anybody cleaning toilets for a living is doing it because they're out of choices.

    This lawyer could have taken his smarts and education and done anything with them; all the choices were his. He chose accessory after the fact.

    His favorite two crimes to defend are listed first in his ad; sex crimes and domestic violence -ugly heinous acts targeting women and children, with two of the highest rates of repreat offences. He strives to get these criminals off, knowing they will likely use their new freedom to victimize women and children again. To Me, his ad might as well have said "Like to hurt women and kids but got caught? I'll help you get off!"

    I stand by my smiting.

  5. I really hate how a lot of lawyers can get criminals who deserve to be put away shorter sentences while not as bad ones get longer sentences...It is unfortunately how our system runs :(

  6. I do understand that it seems wrong to defend the actions of someone who does vile things. But just for one moment, god, let's consider that being accused of a crime does not always equate having committed that crime. A defense is guaranteed to us. We may be defending ourselves against untruths or the accusations of liars. Sometimes, in other words, the SODDI defense is correct. (Some other dude did it.) My son is lawyer and practices family law. He does not take cases that he feels are not strong in their merit. And he has never lost at trial. Frankly, he would not want to practice criminal law for the reasons you cite. Still, we do get a defense. It's our system of justice.

  7. I had a feeling you must be close to a lawyer, you bristled a bit too much for an unbaised observer!

    Nowhere did I say all lawyers are evil or that accusation equals guilt. Nunez' guilt was established and accepted by all sides. His attorney's stance is what's so offensive here, trying to position the party stabber as the victim of unfairness and portraying the grieving parents of a murdered teen as the bad guys. This is the kind of souless attorney that would ask a rape victim what she was wearing so he could tell the jury 'she was asking for it'.

  8. Sorry if I bristled. It really wasn't intentional. It's just that some lawyers take the high road. Even criminal defense lawyers. There are times (more than one would imagine) when eye witness testimony is wrong. People are not lying, but they are wrong. I really do apologize if I was snarky. It wasn't intended. (And, no, I'm not being a kiss ass because of who you are since I'm a pagan anyway.)

  9. Apology accepted, but not really needed. I could see where you were coming from. There are many facets to any issue but sometimes you just need to plant your flag. In this case, squarely in that lawyer's ass.