Saturday, January 8, 2011

Super Smitin' Smackdown Saturday!

Forsaken Fillibusterers

After suffering debilitating health issues including many forms of deadly cancer, after waiting years for assistance while these issues mounted and began killing more and more of them, after hearing dozens of republican senators and congressmen invoke 9/11 imagery in nine years of speaches, the 1st responders got the most shameful and undeserved slap in the face ever seen in American politics in the form of a republican fillibuster holding the bill hostage for completely unrelated reasons (tax relief for the rich).

The bill itself was carefully kept clean of the usual so-called earmarks or other pork which politicians typically attach to bills like baricles on a boat.  This made the legislation solely about those dying men and women who dug through the wreckage at ground zero, and nothing else.  The 1st responder the bill was named for James Zadroga, who died in 2006 from respiratory failure after breathing in toxins at ground zero in 2001.  The republican leadership promptly mounted a fillibuster against it and prevented its passage before the new year. 

Their reason?  A hell-bent determination to preserve a 3% tax break for the wealthiest 1% of americans.  The elections are months behind them so they feel safe in ignoring the natural outrage this despicable move evokes. 

Their callous disregard for the suffering of heros they always claim to support but never do makes the republican fillibusterers the second ever target of If I Were God…’s Super Smitin’ Smackdown Saturday!

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  1. I'm horrified and disgusted by the Republican Party at this point. Holding up money that could save lives for people who risked their own lives to save others is simply beyond my imagination. And, god knows, I'm a registered Republican, but a moderate, and a person who knows right from wrong.

  2. John Boehner always looks like he's crying. I think he'd look like that if he were getting a blow-job.