Wednesday, January 5, 2011

So I'm in this blog contest...

beginning Sunday, about eight bloggers will launch a blogoff hosted by Chris of Knucklehead!
The other participants are in the following list:
The Fred Effect
I will post this list of links with each Sunday entry until I’m eliminated from the contest. Eliminated?
Not really.  More like 'shut out from their lives'.  I lament the lost lambs who would deny me -much like Judas did.  Whatever happened to him anyway... Yes, you might as well know it.  The decisions we make in this life have consequences in the next.  Vote as you see fit:
Everyone who reads these blogs for the next eight Sundays can vote for their favorite post (or the one most likely to keep safe your eternal soul, if that's important to you) at Knucklehead’s site. The blog receiving the fewest votes drops out that week, and the process continues until one remains.

So, on Sunday it begins.  Hope you decide to read and vote.


  1. Okay, Dear, I'm not religious. That said, from what I can tell, you are a rocking writer! (And a pretty good god, for that matter.) I'm glad I checked you out. But then I love Fred, and Michael, and Quirky too. I don't really know the other bloggers yet, but I'll read them too.

    And you do have a point in that I don't want to mess with my "immortal soul". Well, sort of you have a point. Except I'm not religious.

  2. You obviously have impecable taste in both writing and deities. I will keep it in mind when I'm doing security at the pearly gates.

  3. I expect to get knocked out in the first round. I can' think of anything funny about my childhood. Got run over by a horse many times. Got my leg burned on a motorcycle muffler. My lips would have been funny. But everybody burns a leg, now and then. Fell off a tractor, a wagon. Got yanked out of the back of a Chevy suburban by a rope around my fingers. I don't know, man. I'm going to have to make shit up. Sorry, God.

  4. You EXPECT to get knocked out in the first? Who are, glassjaw Joe from SuperPunchOut? (does anybody remember that arcarde game? Hella fun) You could make it about how I'm trying to kill you with horses, motorcycles, tractors, wagons and Chevies. I wouldn't make something up -thou shalt not lie. I will be reading, you know.

  5. Now this is gonna be fun. It looks like there's only one chick in the fray.

    Uh, how could another chick join in this competition? Is it by invitation only?

    Because I know this chick who is extremely competitive and she reads Mike's blog regularly and she now wants to personally challenge him since she saw that he is last year's winner.

    Just curious. I'll be sure to read and vote.

  6. You are woman!
    Hear me snore!

    Just kidding, I will personally send your link with my recommendation to the knucklehead running this thing. It will be better with you in it.

  7. You are an awesome and benevolent god, you know that?

    I went back to look at the participants and realized that there are more chicks on that list. I think I got stuck on Candy being the hot chick and just assumed the rest of the participants were dudes.

    Sorry to the other women on that list.

  8. So glad I stumbled across your blog - it's so freaking hilarious! But then, you already know that.

    'Cause you know everything.

  9. Thank you, Megan. And yes, of course I know.

    BTW, stop scratching yourself in public. I'm not the only who can see it.

  10. Thanks god for telling her about the scratching, it was getting awkward.

    p.s. Not to nag or anything, but when are you going to install Disqus? Linda knows how to do it for Blogger *smiles and waves up at Linda*

  11. Do you ever get the feeling Judas was set up?

  12. Um, god? It's Nicky. I've hesitated to comment before because, well you know. But I figured you were over that since you started blogging and leaving comments on all my friends' sites knowing full well it would only be a matter of time before I ended up here. So...we good?

  13. Are you making the case for entrapment? For JUDAS? That's a tough sell, sorry.
    If he was 'set up to fail', it was by an internal weakness of his own. He gave into his jealousy just as Gene did in A Separate Peace. I didn't cut that little worm any slack either.

  14. Nicky,
    I am never so pleased as when the little lost lambs come home. I feel your pain, in a Clintonesque way, but until I hear some 'sorry's and see some amends being made...