Friday, March 25, 2011

Tourettes singer dominates on American Idol


I know there's a lot more to James Durbin than having tourettes.  But it is the most interesting aspect because it is such a unique attribute it sets him apart from all the other singers competing.

He's a fine singer and an early favorite to win, -but this isn't about that.
He's deserves credit for persevering...heart of a lion...blah blah -this isn't about that either.
The weird scary faces it gives him doesn't put off the audience, wonderful -but this isn't about that either.

Why waste a good case of tourettes on a singer that isn't hurting anybody?  That's what this post is about.

Tourettes is a wonderful invention put to poor use on random people.  Whether it takes the form of shouting or extreme facial expression it's still (usually) merely an annoyance and relatively minor challenge (compared to all the fatal and deforming conditions one could have) and it seems a bit pointless, from a Creator point of view, given its current random distribution.  What a wasted opportunity.

If I were God, tourettes would be a telling signal.  Like flushed cheeks if you're excited or embarrassed.  Or a visible tenseness in the face if you're angry or anxious. -impossible to hide.  I would have made it a signal for lying.  The bigger the lie, the more pronounced the tourettes attack.  Observe:

"I am qualified GAAA to be prezodint. URG!"

"There are wepins of mis obstruct- uh, duh... GRRRR
Saddam has HMO's, I mean WMD's in Iraq.  That's it."

Even the most in-denial flag wavingest sheeple in middle America would not be able to ignore signs of deceit this glaring.  -Although they did give Bush a second term.

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He sees all; disappoint Him not.


  1. Uh, notgod, wouldn't that mean that we'd all be struck with tics and random speak? Who doesn't lie - uh, except you, notgod...

  2. Kinda the point, LM. ~Thou Shalt Not Lie~

    Some people are so bad at it anyway they don't need tourettes to give them away.

  3. Hey I sometimes have a right eye tic. I affectionately refer to it as my eye twitch. But the only thing that brings it on? My 13 yr old son.

    No lies involved.


    hee hee

  4. Wait a minute. Let's get something straight. Your commandment says something about "though shalt not bear false witness against thy neighbor". It does not say "Do not tell your wife that dress doesn't make her look fat." So what's the deal? I mean, there are lies and there are lies. I agree with the false witness stuff, but I know when I'm a lot better off saying that guy was my cousin.

  5. Linda,
    good tangental; let's dive right in, shall we?

    If your wife asks if she looks fat in that dress one can say "You always look wonderful to me." And then the messages, one spoken and one not, are both delivered.

    As far as lying about that guy being your cousin; you've got more to worry about than a lie, adulteror! Kind of like worrying about speeding or proper use of turn signals -as you're driving away from the bank you've just robbed. (both being done to avoid being caught)

  6. Note to Not actually.....Your wife does always look wonderful to you!!!!!....Mrs Not actually :)

  7. I absolutely agree with you....can you imagine what a whole community of faith in one room might look like---shouting and tics and profanity and all the arms flying and eyes batting....I personally think it would be better than alot of the political bs I see now!

  8. If my husband said "you always look wonderful to me" in answer to a question like that, I'd be guilty of the crime of killing maybe. Not such a hot idea, Not Actually. Mrs. Not Actually should be told the absolute truth! She looks GORGEOUS in that dress.

    And the guy was my brother not my cousin. Oooops! Worse, huh?

  9. I blush when I lie so I don't need tourettes. Still, it is a fascinating affliction and if you have to have something it would be a great one to have because you could speak your mind and then blame it on the tourettes.

  10. I would have given Bush a third term, but I'd still rather make love to Sarah than George.

    @Linda: You always look wonderful to me.