Tuesday, February 22, 2011

New Zealand is owed an apology -FROM ABOVE

Still image from video of collapsed CTV building ...

Why are there still earthquakes?  Is HE still remodeling or something?  You'd think after 5 billion years at least the crust would be set.

Things like this are the reason I started this blog and titled it "IF I Were God..."  -so I could lay out the things I'd change or fix or not allow to happen;
Like birth defects.
Crib death.
congenital disease.
and earthquakes.

Some major disasters man brings on himself, e.g. the Great Chicago Fire.  Build an entire city of wooden buildings / kindling and fire is an obvious hazard.  We learned from our mistakes.  But earthquakes are just pulling the floor out from an entire region, literally.  That's poor workmanship.

Some would say He can do what He wants, but I say He shouldn't.  There are some things we should be able to count on; the sun coming up in the morning, oxygen in the atmosphere, and a surface that doesn't buck hard enough to collapse buildings on kids in their cribs.


I see a growing number of Aussies (Australians) have stopped in.  GOOD.  You're on assignment as of now:
Help your neighbors across the water in any way you can.  Send donations, care packages (not vegimite, blood, search & rescue teams/ambos/firies, and even yourselves if they need volunteers.  If you're in a restaurant or bar and you see some depressed, knackered or even crying NewZies who've had their holiday ruint, be a mate and buy them dinner, or at least a drink.  If they're single and you're attractive take 'em home to your cushion and give 'em a night they'll not soon forget, okay you beauties?  -Nothin' heals like love, mates.

[If any Aussies are impressed with my sudden repertoire of aussie-isms I have only Jen to thank, an American ex-patriot and up&coming published photographer now happily living in Oz who recently sent me her own Aussie-American dictionary.  Cheers, Jen!]

As always, If I Were God appreciates comments, ad-clicks and sharing of His articles. 
He sees all; disappoint Him not.


  1. As a San Francisco native, I can honestly say nothing frightens me more than earthquakes. The Red Cross is a great place to make donations to assist the people trying to survive disasters. This is much worse than I anticipated. Terrible thing.

  2. Another SoCal resident here. Earthquakes suck. At least with hurricanes and tornadoes you see them coming. Quakes are sneaky bastards.

  3. I hear ya both. Mark me down as 'anti-quake'.

    if i WERE god there wouldn't be any, nor typhoons, tsunamies, reality TV, pandemics or anything else than devastates entire masses. You both know I favor smitings on a case by case basis.

  4. Good onya, mate! Well written, and thanks for the credit ;)

  5. Very nicely done, not god. I'd just like to add that there are a lot of international organizations helping, so you don't have to be from Australia to lend a hand.


  6. Hi.

    I'm not sure if you saw my update or not but I am still going to be hosting Meet Me On Monday and Follow Friday 40 and Over!!

    Thanks for being such a good friend!!!

    Have a great day!

  7. Snaps on your Aussie-speak, I did wonder if you had some Aussie in your lineage, since I assumed you were a fellow American.

    Here in Michigan the main fear is a tornado which I have never experienced. But I still feel like I have a fighting chance since I have a basement to retreat to.

    Earthquakes terrify me since it seems there's nowhere to go. And standing in a doorway as a safety measure gives me no sense of security.

  8. The best way out is via personal air escape. [Not through an airport; by the time you get past the cavity search you could be dead already. Unless you jog backwards, already bent & exposed yelling "No foreign objects! Yay, yay USA!" -but that entails it's own set of risks also]

    Put yourself above the danger. If you are not licensed for a jetpack, just get a hot-air balloon, dirigible or personal blimp. Counterintuitively, these are NOT available at blimpies. Though it seems like they should.

    Failing all that, under doorways or sturdy tables will have to do.

  9. Native Californian here. Earthquakes were never more than a "ho-hum" to be until the Northridge quake in '94 literally rocked me world. A blogger I know was traveling in Christchurch NZ around Christmas and posted several photos. A charming place. So sad to see the devastation to it now.

    Yes, when I'm God things will definitely be different, too, starting with term limits.

    I dropped by from Jen's and now I see all my buds here, too. Guess I'll be stickin' around.

  10. Welcome aboard Jayne! Glad you jumped right in to the comments too; there's always a lot of lurkerers at the edge of the light, but it's the people that step up that add life to a blog. I make it fun, but commenters like you make it funnerer -so thanks!

  11. I hate to stick up for God, here, but without earthquakes we wouldn't have had all those beautiful mountain shots in The Lord of the Rings trilogy.

    You do have a point, though. God could maybe have all the earthquakes happen out in the mountains. Not in the city. Under the cathedral for heavens sake!

  12. After the quake, I was quite taken with this quote:

    "This is not an act of God, this is the earth, doing what it does. The act of God is is how we love each other, how we reach out to one another."
    ~ Dean Peter Beck, Dean of the Christchurch Cathedral in New Zealand

  13. He's got to say whatever he has to, to do some first-responder aid -for the soul.

    I have a wider view, and the benefit of distance. It's shoddy workmanship. If a train, plane or ferry flipped out like that there'd be a lawsuit!

    but thanks for dropping by, Mike.