Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Wanna-Be Wednesday

Yes, would-be gods and goddesses, Wanna-Be Wednesday is back; your chance to dictate your dictums as deity for a day, to share with your fellow mortals and propound upon the prodigious plans and programs you would push in only you had the proper power to probigate them planetwide.

Last week Crystal Waldrum of For Your Amusement: My Life harkened the call and tried her hand at being deity for a day. 

Here now, her edict:                                                         And Crystal herself, enthroned for a day.


Want your pic up there?  There's a healthy number of followers and visitors to this blog, and most of you have shown the wit and gumption to maintain your own blogs so I know there's a wealth of creativity at your command.  The throne awaits your butt. (No farting in the cushion, or else)  So-

If I Were God has a task for you;  gather two animals of every kind...
For those unskilled in animal husbandry or allergic to furry creatures (or their fleas, manges or other omnipresent vermin), you can send in your own "If..." or a new "Reasons to believe / Reasons to doubt".  Your (fumbling, laughable attempts at) genius will be recognized, enshrined here, and linked to your own site.

Remember, they must be funny.  "If I Were God... I'd smite Sarah Palin" is not funny, despite being clearly necessary.  Much better would be "...I'd make low IQ'd politicians obvious to all by making them end every sentence with either 'duhhh', 'ummm', 'gurgle', or 'you betcha'.

So go forth, be thoughtful and blogify.  I'll be up here, enthroned and ready to judge. (We all have our bit to do, you know)

As always, If I Were God appreciates comments, ad-clicks and sharing of His articles.  He sees all; disappoint Him not.


  1. I thought the "low IQ'd politicians . . . duh" thing was instituted with George W. Bush.

  2. If I were God, I'd also be Pharaoh of Egypt which would also make me president of Egypt, and I would amend their Constitution to limit the president to eight years max like the U.S.