Monday, June 11, 2012

Accomplish THIS

(for the 30 days of, oh, you know by now)

They come in all shapes and sizes from subatomic to substantial; in all value from priceless to worthless; in all longevities from etenal to ephemeral.  And they all count.  Painting the Sistine Chapel was an accomplishment resulting in a timeless priceless treasure seen by countless millions that's lasted 500 year and will probably last until the rapture.  That's gettinitdone if ever there was.

Me painting my college roommate's nails with white-out while he slept, on the other hand, was a worthless treasure seen only by him (enjoyed only by me) that lasted 5 minutes.  Yet it too stands as an accomplishment.  I worked feverishly in dim light under immense pressure from a narrow time frame that would close as soon as he woke.  It didn't help that I was smashed and stifling giggles the whole time.  Believe me, when I finished without his much larger than me varsity wrestler waking and choking me out it felt like accomplishment.  I got every exposed nail from tip to cuticle.  That's also gettinitdone.

I think beating deadlines, especially under duress, to get something done really doubles down of the accomplishment.  Yesterday, for instance, was so jam packed with activity I didn't have time to sit down and brainstorm a worthy post to yesterday's babysitter prompt.  If I can't be original or wickedly funny (to myself.  Your opinions are secondary.  Spielberg taught me that.  Well, that and how to make a homemade roofie using only expired food products.) -then I'd rather not post at all.

I don't actually fly, unless
you count 'off the handle'
but I do look smashing in
a cape.
So in addition to refusing to dash off some boring banality about a babysitting experience in my past, my day was filled with food shopping, making daddy's special eggs and pancakes with cheese, mowing the lawn, giving my shrieking-with-delight daughter pool time with daddy, getting the family to the once a year town fair (petting zoo, bouncy house, fresh lemonade, teriaki chicken kabobs, zeppoles, lemon ice, and a green balloon), then getting in the car to head east across state lines and three bridges to get to a double graduation party on the south shore.  Traffic made the normally 90 minute trip take nearly three hours.  It was a nice time on their yard and private dock overlooking the bay but we didn't get home again until nearly 10.  And yet...

I got my babysitter post in.

And I didn't phone it in either.

How'd I do it?  By making my grumbling wife do the hated driving while I opened my Macbook and tapped out an idea that had been percolating all day.  The quick-polish took until after 10:30 but I got it in before the day was done.

It stars Christie Brinkley and makes it clear how half the population is in fact, metaphorical meatloaf.  And not even fresh, yummy meatlo-  Know what?  I don't think I even need to pimp it here.  You're already curious and wondering where you have to click to read it.

Mission accomplished.


  1. I don't know how you do it. I'm retired, so just reading this post makes me tired ;)

  2. I'm with Babs. Well, not physically. She's in England and I'm in Canada, eh? But now we agree on two things. The other thing is "government" Good thing that's not a prompt in this little exercise.

  3. Ah, so that's why I didn't see your post yesterday! You posted it while I was getting done... I mean, getting things done... I mean - oh, never mind. Congratulations on gettinitalldone, and donesowell. 500 points for you! :-)

  4. I think getting through that day and still being on your feet is a super accomplishment!