Sunday, June 3, 2012

They'll never play my song

Because I don't have one.  I'm a guy.  A straight one.

My song?  The crackle of flames and screams for help, motherf*ck*r!
This needlessly obnoxious post was a last minute one-off for WWFC's 30 days of writing challenge.
To do it justice, you should probably sample people who did more than 20 seconds of typing while snickering.  You can find them here.


  1. Snickering? You snickered? -50 points for that. Although, that picture of what you do is bad-ass, so I'll give you 50 for that.

  2. Ha! This cracked me up! Nicely played!

  3. You could have "Fire" or "Burning Down the House" - c'mon that only took me 15 seconds...

  4. Raises a deep philosophical question for me: Is God straight, or can He be gay, or is He some sort of transgendered being since He created men and women and is described as having the traits of both?

    Please don't smite me for wondering.

  5. Great photo! I love it. God can be anything he wants to be, even a woman.

  6. "My song? The crackle of flames and screams for help, motherf*ck*r!"

    Hahahaha! Awesome. Very, very manly.

  7. Nicky,
    ambivalence does not become you. Where has the cheese rage love of yesterday gone?

    yeah, but that would've pre-empted the snark attack. No fun there.

    since I'm 'not actually', I wouldn't know. But judging from the world he made, I'd guess he's a man. An angry angry man.

    I suppose... Kevin Smith cast Allanis Morisette as god in his movie.

    EXACTLY what I was going for. Thank you!