Sunday, June 24, 2012

The toasting of Fred

Today is the 'toast or roast' post for the 30 days of the most from the coast, or something.
Since my doctor asked me to lay off the red meat, I won't opt for the roast.  Instead I will pay homage to an early mentor who not only encouraged the growth and development of If I were God... but was my very first commenter, Fred Miller.

Fred put a huge monkey 'WOW' button at the top of his page specifically to showcase new writers to his large audience.  He graciously linked it to me on at least three occasions. Quite a guy, right?

He hasn't posted for two months -an unprecedented time away for him.  Tessa, his beloved of many years, has serious health issues so I'm hoping nothing terrible has happened.  I prefer to image they're sailing the world together on a boat he built himself.  But Fred's probably a terrible carpenter, so this would mean they've both drowned a few hundred yards outside the harbor.  Scratch the sailing idea.  Maybe they're in Tibet meditating at a monastery and unraveling the secrets of life.  This sounds more like them anyway, let's go with that.

It's a shame for his fans that he's gone so long.  He had been getting pretty good at producing short animated satires featuring Obama, Palin, Romney, Gingrich, Beavis & Buthead.  Curious yet?  Give him a look.

This one features Fred himself, and Howard Stern and a talking dog.  Don't ask.  Just enjoy.


  1. I adore Fred. He is a very talented writer and I've missed his takes on life a lot! Fred is a deep guy and I really consider him and his lovely Tessa friends. (My husband thinks it's weird that he sent me a lock of his golden brown hair. My husband thinks it's even weirder that I've kept it in my jewelry box!)

  2. Awesome site - thanks for the link to Fred.

  3. While I know Fred peripherally, we have a few blogger friends in common, I only started to really read his stuff right before he went on hiatus. This is a great tribute to him, and like you, I hope he's enjoying Tibet and that all is well with him and Tessa.

  4. Hmmmmmm. If he recommended you, and you're recommending him, he must be a good read. I'll have to check him out.