Tuesday, June 26, 2012

I'm done with interventions

Once was a time I believed in guiding the wayward.  I wanted to save them from themselves.  Set them on the right path.  Light their way and...   and...  I'm so over it now.  Stepping back was the best move I ever made.  Plus, now my afternoons are free.

But once was a time I really cared what people did and felt it was my responsibility to show them the error of their ways and set them on a better path.  But if they wouldn't see, wouldn't change... well that used to really piss me off.  Too much.

It puts me in mind of two sisters in particular from way back in the day.  If I remember rightly Sadie and Gema were their names, or something like that.  Not to put too fine a point on it, they were filthy drunken whores.  They gambled, they drank, they fought in the street over nothing, they fornicated with both man and beast, refused to change their ways despite repeated warnings and worst of all they showed me no respect at all.  -So I set those bitches on fire.  Not figuratively, literally.  Harsh I know, but at the time... let me think a moment... They may have been sister cities; I really can't remember it straight, it was a loooooong time ago.

Anyway, in the aftermath some learned the lesson, some only until the smoke cleared, and believe it or not, some not at all.  It left me at a crossroads.  What was I going to do, burn every other one down?  The thought alone was exhausting, not to mention depressing.  So I just stopped, and let go.  The stress went with it and the relief I feel to this day is, well -heaven.

They can all do what they want now.  It's on them.  But when I retire for good I'll throw a massive party, literally the best ever, and it'll go on for-ever, AND not everybody will be invited.  You get to make your choices, and I get to make mine.

Oddly enough, I still get requests for intervention all the time.  Most of the time it's either for things they haven't earned, don't deserve, or are simply downright wrong.  And yet they ask ME.  As if.

The prose is new, the original art first posted here last year and reappears for the 30 days challenge.


  1. Love the art. It's funny AND deep.

  2. Some people you just can't help! Love that graphic :)

  3. The artwork really helps explain your dilemma. Too bad about Gema and Sadie. I was goinna ask for their phone numbers.

  4. Great art. Those sisters were bad news. Who was it got turned to stone though? Sorry, but you get kind of irrational from time to time though, don't you?

    Eeek! Is that a locust just flew in my window?

  5. Sully,
    thanks! You said something nice last time too.

    sad but true

    Thou who shalt remain nameless,
    I wouldn't have given it to you anyway -they'd WRECK YOU

    don't you know better by now?

  6. That's a great comic -- good stuff!

  7. Oh the things people ask for...

    To bad about the sisters/cities - some folks just never learn.

  8. I'm thinking that a spam filter might help.

  9. Jeez, you ask for one... ok, two... ok, a few... ok, several SMALL favours and the next thing you know you're in a comic strip on the Internet.

  10. I guess I'll take you off my intervention list. I don't like burning bridges, especially when I'm on one. Great artwork!